The DescOperă festival is a unique music event, of rare beauty, held at the foothills of the Orheiul Vechi Reserve cliffs. This event brings opera and classical music out of the traditional settings into the heart of nature. The festival goers will have the opportunity to enjoy perfect weather, fresh air, beautiful scenery and classical music, performed live on an improvised stage, set right in the middle of nature.

The festival is held annually, each third weekend of June and is visited by more than 5000 local and foreign tourists from Sweden, Germany, Austria and Romania.

The visitors savor musical performances by Moldovan opera singers under the direction of the Austrian conductor Friedrich Pfeiffer.

During the three-evening event more than 500 artists will perform on the stage.

The idea to organize an open air opera concert in Orheiul Vechi Reserve belongs to the Austrian conductor Friederick Pfeiffer who in the summer of 2015 visited the National Opera and Ballet Theatre „Maria Biesu” of Chisinau to conduct a production of Verdi’s “Requiem”, in memoriam of Maria Biesu. During his stay, he was accommodated at Butuceni, where every morning he strolled along the Reserve enjoying its scenic landscape to find inspiration to better rehearse Verdi’s music. On one of such strolls he met Anatol Butnaru – the host of Eco-Resort Butuceni and that is how the idea to hold a musical event at the foothills of ancient cliffs, in the heart of nature, was born.

Thus, the first edition of DescOPERĂ festival opened in June of 2016, with a traditional production of Verdi’s “Rigoletto” and “Requiem”.

In June of 2017, at the Festival’s second edition, the National Philharmonic joined the festival with both a symphony production and a gala-concert of J. Strauss music, while National Opera and Ballet Theatre „Maria Biesu” performed G.Bizet’s “Carmen”.

The third edition of June 15-17, 2018 will feature opera productions by Strauss, Verdi and Orff.

Honored guests
Istoric DescOperă - de la vocalize, la festival
În anul 2013, renumitul dirijor austriac, Friedrich Pfeiffer, a vizitat Moldova și a fost cazat la Orheiul Vechi. Acolo l-a cunoscut pe Anatolie Botnaru, directorul agro pensiunii Eco Resort Butuceni. Într-o dimineață dirijorul își încălzea vocea sub stâncile de pe malul Răutului, iar domnul Anatolie l-a auzit cântând. Așa a ...
On a motorcycle from Vienna to Butuceni Opera a...
Mr.Friedrich Pfeiffer, the Austrian conductor, arrived at Butuceni, two weeks before the festival, after a 1400 km ride on a motorcycle. The special guest of DescOPERA Open-Air Festival of Classical Music decided to arrive from Vienna riding a motorcycle to this year’s edition. At the point of entry to the Capital, he was gre...
10 reasons why you should visit DescOPERA
The 3rd Edition of DescOPERA Open-Air Festival of Classical Music brings to Butuceni natural amphitheater famous Opera plays, but also a special program, which will be carried out during daytime at local resorts.  Below we offer you 10 reasons why you should book tickets to the only open-air festival of classical music in Eas...


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1. Tickets can be purchased at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Biesu”
2. National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici”
3. National Palace „Nicolae Sulac”
4. Butuceni info-point, Orheiul Vechi

Cum ajungi la festival?

For the convenience of the spectators will be organized transport from Chisinau to Butuceni and the return of the route. The tickets cost 35 lei and can be purchased from or from the ticket office of the Opera and Ballet Theater ”Maria Bieșu”.