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How to safely order a taxi in Chisinau – phone numbers and apps to use to order taxis.

The taxi situation in Chisinau is changing from year to year, and it can be difficult for foreign tourists to order a taxi safely.

That’s why we decided to prepare a list of phone numbers and apps you can use to order taxis in Chisinau and its suburbs.

The first thing to keep in mind, if you arrive in Chisinau via Chisinau International Airport, is NOT to take one of the taxis waiting for orders in front of the airport.

Besides the fact that you will be overcharged a few times, there is also the risk of running into a less than adequate driver. There aren’t many stories about these taxi drivers putting anyone’s life in danger, but locally they are notorious for fighting with each other, so you don’t want an unsuitable driver driving you around.

The safest and most tourist-friendly way to order taxis is by using one of the available apps.

You need to be careful though, as some apps may not be available until you change the region in the App Store / Google Play.

If you can’t find one of the apps listed, we recommend changing the region temporarily to Moldova.

In addition to the apps, there are a wide variety of phone numbers to order from, but chances are slim that anyone answering those phones will speak English.


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Apps to order taxis in Chisinau

Some taxi companies also offer apps that you can use – they make it easier to order a taxi. Below is a list of the updated apps, which are running in 2023.



Letz is the newest ridesharing platform in the Moldovan taxi market

The Letz app offers a new approach to the concept of ridesharing and provides you with an extensive range of car categories and options to make your journey more enjoyable. In addition to what you are already used to, the app offers:
– 24/7 support
– multiple ride categories
– various payment methods
– promotions and discount codes

To download the app:

Android:  Google Play;
iOS:  App Store.


Yandex Go

Yandex Go is a service for urban life. Use the app to request rides or deliver items.

It’s like requesting a ride: enter your address in the app and a courier delivers the item to you. Both sender and recipient meet the courier at the courier’s car.”

Download the app:

Android:  Google Play
iOS:  App Store.



itaxi is a taxi app that allows you to quickly and easily book a taxi in Chisinau directly from your mobile phone.

The itaxi app is very easy to use!
1. Open the app and confirm your starting address
2. Place an order and follow the driver on the map
3. Travel quickly and safely to your destination

Download the app:

Android Google Play
iOS App Store


TaxiClub – 14444

An easy-to-use app interface will help you easily place an order. It is designed for users of all ages to help them get the right information in any situation. Get rid of wasting time on explanations, where to meet and where the destination point is. Just use one of the currently available options:
– address selection from the built-in catalogue;
– search for the address on Google Maps and/or Yandex Maps;
– book a car by pointing to it on the map.

Download the app:

Android – Google Play
iOS – App Store



Teleport is a taxi app that provides the best drivers and the most comfortable cars to easily find a taxi in Chisinau.

Available features:
– GPS location.
– Quick taxi ordering.
– Online taxi tracking.


Download the app:

Android – Google Play
iOS – App Store


Uklon – More than a taxi

Easy to use and handy mobile app
Order a car in three taps
Choose the class of car you want
Order a car for family and friends
Pay with cash, card, Google Pay or Apple Pay

Download the app:

Android – Google Play
iOS – App Store


Phone numbers of taxis in Chisinau:

If somehow none of the apps helped you, you can try to call one of the many taxi services in Chisinau, but keep in mind that it is possible that people answering might not speak English.

Click on the number to start a call, it’s easy!


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