On a motorcycle from Vienna to Butuceni Opera amphitheater
Mr.Friedrich Pfeiffer, the Austrian conductor, arrived at Butuceni, two weeks before the festival, after a 1400 km ride on a motorcycle. The special guest of DescOPERA Open-Air Festival of Classical Music decided to arrive from Vienna riding a motorcycle to this year’s edition. At the point of entry to the Capital, he was greeted by Anatol Botnaru, the festival organizer, and by a local community of bikers and escorted to Butuceni.  Anatol Botnaru offered the guest a bottle of Vinul Moldovei, the famed wine that, according to his statements made in Vienna, convinced the conductor to visit Moldova.  

I rode for more than 17 hours. There are certain actions that one must do in a lifetime: build a home, start a family and ride a motorcycle from Vienna to Butuceni”, Mr.Fredrich Pfeiffer said, enthusiastically. 

Mr.Friedrich Pfeiffer will conduct all three Opera concerts performed at the 3rd Edition of DescOPERA festival. For the next three days, the cliffs that hang over Butuceni will be echoing the music by Carl Orff, Giuseppe Verdi and by the unequalled Johann Strauss. The event will take place between June 15-17, in the Butuceni natural amphitheater, which has perfect acoustics, ideally-suited for the symphonic orchestra and the Opera soloists. 
12 Jun 2018, 07:31

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1. Tickets can be purchased at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Biesu”
2. National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici”
3. National Palace „Nicolae Sulac”
4. Butuceni info-point, Orheiul Vechi

Cum ajungi la festival?

For the convenience of the spectators will be organized transport from Chisinau to Butuceni and the return of the route. The tickets cost 35 lei and can be purchased from www.iticket.md or from the ticket office of the Opera and Ballet Theater ”Maria Bieșu”.