10 reasons why you should visit DescOPERA
The 3rd Edition of DescOPERA Open-Air Festival of Classical Music brings to Butuceni natural amphitheater famous Opera plays, but also a special program, which will be carried out during daytime at local resorts.  Below we offer you 10 reasons why you should book tickets to the only open-air festival of classical music in Eastern Europe:  

1.    Classical operas played in an impressive natural scenery!  The Butuceni headland is ideal for soloists and the symphonic orchestra. The classical music intertwines nicely with the sounds of nature and produces a uniquely contemplative atmosphere

2.    An opportunity to observe the daily activities of the Moldovan people. The hosts of Trebujeni resorts will offer lessons in traditional songs and dances, while the experienced local chefs will teach visitors how to prepare Moldovan cabbage rolls and pies. For people who are interested in authentic traditional crafts, we have prepared a workshop in corn husks weaving, a craft that kept our ancestors busy for ages

3.    Carriage rides and boating on the Raut river. Visitors will be able to admire the festival surroundings from a carriage or a boat, slowly strolling along the Raut river.

4.    Affordable tickets for students and senior citizens. At the National Opera and Ballet Theatre „Maria Biesu” and National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici” ticket sales counters holders of student and senior citizens cards can purchase tickets at a reduced price of 150 MDL. 

5.    Means of transportation provided.  As in previous years, we have prepared sufficient transportation for all wishing to come to Butuceni. The one-way fare is only 35 MDL.  

6.    Honored guests. The Austrian conductor Mr. Friedrich Pfeiffer and the Italian producer, Mr. Andrea Battistini will offer an outstanding performance during the three-day festival.  

7.    The best voices and authentic classical music performances. Tatiana Costiuc – the soprano, Sorin Lupu – the Romanian tenor and Andrei Otean – the baritone, accompanied by the Academic Choir Chapel „Doina”, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre ballet troop, are among those talents that one should listen to/watch at least once in a lifetime.  

8.    Outstanding opera performances and the famed Wine of Moldova wines, perfected by many generations of winemakers and that are shrouded in legends and mystery, we all can related to. You will have the opportunity to purchase the best wines Moldova can offer. 

9.    Delicious traditional cuisine that made our country famous beyond its borders, prepared by Butuceni housewives. 

10.  Be our guest, let’s promote together Moldova as a tourist destination. 
13 Jun 2018, 10:53

Istoric DescOperă - de la vocalize, la festival
On a motorcycle from Vienna to Butuceni Opera a...

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buy tickets:

1. Tickets can be purchased at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Biesu”
2. National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici”
3. National Palace „Nicolae Sulac”
4. Butuceni info-point, Orheiul Vechi

Cum ajungi la festival?

For the convenience of the spectators will be organized transport from Chisinau to Butuceni and the return of the route. The tickets cost 35 lei and can be purchased from www.iticket.md or from the ticket office of the Opera and Ballet Theater ”Maria Bieșu”.